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Practice briefs for designers

Briefbox™ is an ever growing library of helpful, fun design briefs in various categories to help you improve your design skills.

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Every week new briefs are added to the site that you can browse, or add to your collection of favourites to work on later.

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Upload your design to the site for feedback from the Briefbox community, and build up your portfolio at the same time.

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Creative companies and agencies can browse our featured designers on the site, to find potential talent to work with.

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Jessica Hische


Check this out... Relive art school with these awesome, helpful project briefs from Briefbox™.

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Shillington design school


A great resource @thebriefbox supplies practice briefs to designers. With a free brief library too!!

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Vandelay Design blog


Do you ever feel creative but just not sure of what to create? Check this site out!

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Smashing Magazine


An interesting project: Briefbox collection of briefs with inspirational references, for design projects. check it out now!

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Creative Bloq


We've all been there. You've built a wonderful portfolio site but you've not get enough work to show off. If you find yourself in this position don't fret. Head off to Briefbox™.

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Speckyboy blog


Joel Alexander, Co-founder of UK based Agency – Orca™, is giving something back to the design community with helpful design briefs to get creative with.

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Hands & Hustle blog

@SabrinaSmelko is the answer to my art-college-student self’s dilemma of getting “rusty” in the summers between school projects.

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Design Taxi


For Designers: design briefs to Inspire creativity & boost Your Portfolio whilst building up your skills.

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Paste Magazine


Briefbox's™ Fake assignments and project design briefs are key to building up your Portfolio

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