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Agency Review: Focus Lab

Agency Review: Focus Lab

Focus Lab based in Georgia, USA is home to an all star team who create beauftul web, app, UI and all round design projects for awesome clients around the globe. We pull out some of their top projects and outline why they work and the processes they use.
Agency Review: Focus Lab

We’re introducing agency reviews as part of our designer review resources to show how a team combine their skills to get effective results. In this review we take look at Georgia based Focus Lab who create beautiful designs for clients from across the globe and we share some insights and tips of how they produce there work.

To help give an overview of their work style we’ll pull out some of their top projects and show the processes used for each. So, let’s get to it..

Cahoots branding

Cahoots; a dynamic co-working space came to Focus lab to create their full branding, stationery and complete online presence including designs for both the marketing website and interface layouts. To kick things off Focus Lab got started on some initial concepts for the brand appearance.

After the initial sketching and concept stage which outlined a guide of direction that Focus Lab would take the Cahoots brand in, they then move onto exploring typography and font usage. They quite loosely explore applying the brand name in a range of different type and font styles and put together a moodboard to share with the client which helps both parties decide on a supporting typeface to roll with.

They chose the typeface Knockout due its nine-width, four-weight variations which gave the design team a unified system to incorporate into the brand.

Moving on from here and with a general theme and core typeface selected for the brand, the Focus Lab team work on some additional script typography to support the brand. More often than not, brands will have a variety of logo types, marks and optional elements to use for different purposes. Below shows the custom, script typography coming together which forms a key part of the branding as a whole.

From here Focus Lab pull everything together, exploring even more additional marks and graphic elements and put together a mock-up of the brand in action. The combination of minimal sans serif font usage, custom lettering and simple line illustrations in the crest work perfectly when put together to form this cool, sleek brand for Cahoots.


Lasso branding and website

Ever since we first stumbled across the design work Focus Lab were doing with Lasso, we were hooked with the design approach and idea of the product itself; a beautifully designed proposal creation tool right from your browser! The tool is still in production and we’re super excited to see it in action later this year when they release it.

In the mean time let’s take a look at some of the branding and creative goodness that has come out of the Focus lab den for Lasso, In April this year (2017) we got the first look and feel which was teased out across social media..

Funnily enough at the exact time of seeing this shot, the whole team at my design agency we’re discussing the fact that it would be great to have a beautifully designed proposal tool to easily impress clients and keep track of what’s out for review.

This first look caught my eye not just for its functional purpose but it’s design appearance too. A beautiful combination of a custom script logotype placed in a thought out, dashboard format that oozes simplicity.

From here and over the next few months we only see the Lasso product and overall UI getting better and better..

Something really important that can be learnt from Focus lab is their view on side projects and their approach to investing in side projects and personal ideas. The Lasso tool is their product which they are creating using members from the design agency and fitting it’s development around the running of the agency.

From checking out their agency journal here you get a feel for their passion when it comes to staying happy, positive and most importantly enjoying they do. By working on something alongside their day to day client work, they improve not only as designers but as an agency as a whole because their whole teams can get involved on a joint passion project.