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Inspiration for designers in the new year

2018 was incredibly busy and we saw so many amazing designs not only from our awesome community but also from the very people creating your briefs, our mentors.

As the new year has just begun, we wanted to run through some of the highlights from our mentors over the past year and give you some inspiration for the year ahead. We’d love to know what you’re going to be working on too, spill the beans!

Joel Rosen

El Diablo Green Chilli Sauce by Joel Rosen

“Here’s my take on the recent quick fire brief. I wanted to give some love to the insanely hot ‘El Diablo’ green fire chilli which I totally made up for the brief! I completed this in 2hr 35mins.”

We’ll start off with the head honcho and creator of Briefbox. You’ll have seen Joel pop up around the site, giving feedback on submissions, writing briefs and resources as well as submitting his own designs to a few briefs. Joel is an incredible typographer and loves getting his hands on a marker and going wild with some custom type. This year he’s looking forward to creating more personal work and has already started by picking up a paintbrush and honing in on his artistic flair in his spare time as well as creating concept work which you can see on Dribbble. It’s really important that we don’t lose sight of what we love and making time for personal projects such as briefs on Briefbox, even if only for a couple of hours a night is a great place to start.

Hey Chat by Joel Rosen

“Here’s my take on our latest brief: UI layouts for a messenger app!”

James Ewin

Earth Hour by James Ewin

“Earth Hour is the world’s largest environmental grassroots movement, inspiring millions of people to take action for our planet each year.”

Co-creator of Briefbox and UI expert James is known around Briefbox for his in depth feedback on our users submissions and for his keen eye with anything web or app related. His career started off with a passion for branding and there was nothing he loved more than a fresh logo design and full branding project. With the quickly changing times and the soar of intricate websites and apps, his passions have evolved into something different. You can see a selection of his other work with ORCA on Dribbble. This year James is hoping to learn some new skills in animation and is really looking forward to learning how to use some new software like Adobe After Effects.

Virtual Vet by James Ewin

“Here’s my submission for the Pet Diagnosed App. I’ve gone for a clean, minimal layout which utilises both horizontal and vertical scrolling. I’ve gone for a soft, pastel colour palette and a subtle use of drop shadows to make the design feel layered. I also. created a modern, typographic logo for the app.”

Flavia Mayer

Tropicalia by Flavia Mayer

“A vibrant homepage design for an out of this world tropical festival :D”

Flavia’s style can be seen all over Briefbox, she is the brains behind many of the illustration briefs and concepts you see on the site. She’s an expert in many fields, however illustration has always had a big place in her heart. In her spare time Flavia can always be found sitting with a sketchbook and pencil working on some awesome illustrations for her portfolio as well as for side projects for a number of small companies based all over the world. This year she’s also looking forward to expanding her knowledge in animation to bring her designs to life as well as completing some more challenges which you can see on Instagram.

River Cottage Menu by Flavia Mayer

“Some time ago I did this mackerel illustration for a client but they didn’t go for it in the end. So I decided to reuse it in this submission (thought it was very suitable!) to give that handmade fresh food feel to the menu!”

Jess Caddick

Adventure Club by Jess Caddick

“I was really determined not to do anything with mountains or trees or whatever for this one. I wanted to focus more on the lifestyle element, so my approach was from the angle of a club for people who love adventure… extreme adventure!”

Jess Caddick is our top contributor to Quick Fire briefs and can always be spotted giving feedback to the community. If you’ve completed one of the Quick Fire briefs, chances are you’ve been inspired by her design for your own! She’s well known for her textured, gritty designs in both UI and branding, for Jess UI is what she loves producing the most and you can see this throughout Briefbox and on her Dribbble. For this next year, animation using After Effects is top of Jess’ list to learn next, she wants to be able to use the techniques she’s learning to create interesting interactions and explain her work a lot easier. She’d also like to spend more time making physical things, last year she made holographic ‘no bad vibes’ stickers and would like to continue this as a hobby.

Mini Break Homepage by Jess Caddick

“This one is quite self explanatory – just a simple travel homepage as a 2 hour practice. I went for a clean approach with a focus on the imagery”

Jeroen Van Eerden

Den final mockup by Jeroen Van Eerden

“As in every identity project, I enjoy the creative exploration part the most. It gives you creative freedom while you’re looking for that perfect match.

For this project I felt a clean and smart icon was needed, so I was first looking for a nice connection with a home symbol. Later I explored more directions within the color wheel to communicate the heat element within Den’s service.”

Jeroen has been part of the Briefbox team for a little while and has worked on a few concepts to give you food for thought and help boost your portfolios and design processes with his in depth accounts of what he’s done to achieve each design. Jeroen is a pro at everything brand related which you can clearly see on Dribbble. He’s already started working on some more personal projects this year by going out of his comfort zone creating an effect digitally then printing and using markers and brushes to get a totally new view of a logo.

Home Brewery Badge by Jeroen Van Eerden

“Been working on a logo design for a @Briefbox brief assignment and added this badge design to the set. Concept for the mark: Letter H, Hands, Kettle, House and Wheat.”

Ryan Prudhomme

Leafy Fresh by Ryan Prudhomme

“Had a lot of fun cranking this out. I’m looking forward to contributing more to the briefbox community and helping young designers improve their design skills.”

Ryan is a part time contributor to Briefbox, you’ll have seen this design pop up on the brief ‘Logo for a vegan takeaway‘ at the beginning of last year. He loves working on brand identity briefs as well as logo and packaging design. You can see some of his professional work on his website as well as personal work on Dribbble.

So that’s our look back at 2018 and what our mentors are hoping to get their hands on for the coming year. Not everyone makes New Years resolutions but we find it’s always good to have new ideas of things you’d like to achieve when you’re in the creative world. When you know there’s something you want to work towards, why not go for it?! These things take time but you’ll see results and will probably feel motivated to produce more as a result.

Has anyone looked at the Pantone Color of the Year 2019 yet? If not, you’ll see it popping up everywhere very soon, last year ultra-violet took a little while to catch on but we’ve already seen loads of Living Coral inspired designs. Give one of our briefs a try and pop in a bit of living coral as a nod to this year.

“Representing the fusion of modern life, PANTONE Living Coral is a nurturing color that appears in our natural surroundings and at the same time, displays a lively presence within social media.”

Go on, we believe in you!

We’d love to hear what projects you’re looking forward to working on this year too, whether it be a New Year’s resolution or just an itch to try something new.


    There's a ton of briefs I plan on working on this year, from various lettering projects to product graphics to brand identity work, one of which is more of a personal project, a brand identity for a cafe & ice cream shop, including corporate stationery, menu design, web UI, interior graphic work, graphics for cups & boxes and other things to hold food or drinks, etc.

    Another big project I've been chipping away at and plan to go further with is my personal branding! I'm really hoping to get it done quickly.

    Vicki Lee (Community Support)Mentor

    Happy new year Valerie! Sounds like you've got loads planned!

    We've got a Quick Fire brief for a frozen yoghurt company coming out in February which you should totally try out after you've gotten to grips with your ice cream shop project.

    Really looking forward to seeing where else you take your personal branding. It's looking so lovely at the moment!

    Thank you! And thank you for letting me know about that brief!