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Made with Briefbox: Spring-Summer 18

What a colour filled, illustration mad, few months we’ve had here at Briefbox. We’ve seen some incredible talent emerging from the depths of their sketchpads, and nurturing these skills is what Briefbox is all about. We’ve seen some really creative submissions to a few of our UX briefs and some strong editorial and print submissions this quarter too.

Moving forward, the Briefbox team are going to compile the best of the best, every 3 months into our new ‘Made with Briefbox’ collection that highlights just what’s possible when using Briefbox as your portfolio building catalyst. Keep an eye out below to see if your submission has made the cut and if not.. there’s always the next post to make it into.

So without further ado, here it is… the best of the best submissions from our super lovely, extremely talented, community of Briefbox students in Spring/Summer 2018.

Sleep Tracker App by Oliver Gomez
Submitted to: Quick Fire: Sleep Cycle App
To kick things off, take a look at these great mobile screens that use fluorescent and gradient tones with a slightly rounded sans serif typeface. The padding and general layout is efficient, eye catching and super clear to navigate, great work Oliver!

Delta Wave by Jacob Younesi
Submitted to: Quick Fire: Sleep Cycle App
Another great submission to the Sleep Cycle App, we love Jacob’s super simple approach to this brief.

Peep Sunglasses by Ben Parker
Submitted to: Branding for Peep Sunglasses
This branding for the Peep Sunglasses brief uses vibrant colours and playful patterns to represent summer, fun and holidays. The use of the simple sunglasses icon and a clear, neutral, sans serif font help make this business card pop.

Escape Branding by Britt Edwards
Submitted to: Festival brand identity
We love Britt’s fun, playful and minimal design for the Escape branding brief. Great use of space, a balanced, fun colour palette and modern simple typefaces help this design work so well. Check those tiny line icons top right, there super cute too.

Alison Bow Identity by Mark Vogelaar
Submitted to: Visual identity for a painter and decorator
This landing page design flows beautifully, the contrast of muted earthy colours with that strong, bright purple for the main call to action help clarify the users journey through the page.

Mobile Network by Ben Parker
Submitted to: Mobile network site
Another winning submission by Ben Parker makes the cut. The general design and layout grabs the user’s attention with the use of fun illustrations contrasting against the vibrant colours. Strong work Ben!

Peep sunglasses by Alex Griffin

Peep Sunglasses by Alex Griffin
Submitted to: Peep Sunglasses
Heres another great submission to the Peep Sunglasses brief. We love the pastel colours and the different illustration styles and textures that fill the letters.

Vivet Magazine by Briana Grifin

Vivet Magazine by Briana Grifin
Submitted to: Vivet Magazine
Check out this beautiful submission for the Vivet Magazine brief. The exploration of the design is original and unique, and with the pastel colours, half toned images, and variety of type usage, the whole approach to the brief really stood out amongst the crowd.

Flora & Fauna by Olivia Thompson

Flora & Fauna by Olivia Thompson 
Submitted to: Flora & Fauna Packaging Design
This contemporary packaging design has been presented in an elegant way to really represent the natural ingredients of the product. The minimal design, nude colours and delicate flower illustration create a graceful approach.

Spicy Thai logo by Estaire Alberti

Spicy Thai Logo by Estaire Alberti 
Submitted to: Spicy Thai Kitchen Logo
Check out this logo design for the Spicy Thai Kitchen brief. The illustration style is clean and rounded, and with the Asian styled type, the logo is very distinctive for the purpose required.

Farmers Market advert by Edita Knowler

Farmers Market Advertorial by Edita Knowler
Submitted to: Farmer’s Market Advertorial
This piece of editorial design is a great example of how simplicity can work. The use of the full image spread against the contrasting title and body text makes the article simple to read and understand.

Onboarding screens by Lia S

On-Boarding Screens by Lia S
Submitted to: On-Boarding Screens
Check out this app design for our On-Boarding Screens brief. The use of the colour strips add a fun pop of colour to the quite contemporary style of the app. The use of the dark type and shapes create a clean balance, allowing you to navigate the app with ease, and the use of clever, well known images and strap lines from all-time great movies, bring a feeling of familiarity to the design.

Shevone Willis Approach

Approach by Shevone Willis 
Submitted to: On-Boarding Screens
Here’s another great example from the On-Boarding Screens brief which shows you how a design for the same brief can vary so much. This design uses clean white space in a minimal way to make the important information stand out against the rest of the design. Minimal and fun with a tasty colour palette make this a winning submission.

Kouni by Gina Guerra

Kouni by Gina Guerra
Submitted to: Spicy Thai Kitchen Logo
Take a look at this other great submission to the Spicy Thai Kitchen brief. This design uses vibrant colours to contrast the type with unique designs surrounding the chosen name.

Plant App screens by Lia S

Plant App Screens by Lia S
Submitted to: Plant Care App
We love Lia’s approach to this brief and it’s clear Lia has a great understanding of colour, type and space. Those tiny, cute labels top right on each screen balance the design by filling the white space perfectly. The soft, pastel pink colour for the call to actions, contrasts the black background usage and the green tones of the plants perfectly.

Scott Monument by Valeria Male

Scott Monument by Valeria Mele
Submitted to: Iconic Landmark Illustration
Valeria has absolutely nailed the Iconic Landmark Illustration brief. We love here contemporary and geometric approach using a combination of subtle gradients and beautiful, simple 3 tone colour palette. Valeria is certainly one to watch for the rest of 2018.

That’s it for the first in our series of Made with Briefbox. Want to get your work featured in our next post? Get creative, submit your artwork and show us what you got!