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Introducing 10 of the best designers and teams on Dribbble

An endless source of inspiration, Dribbble is a must have resource for any up and coming designer and illustrator. I’ve been using it for the last 4 years and over that time have built up a list of my favourite designers and teams who continuously produce awesome work. This list combining Illustrators, UX designers and all round creative wizards is an insight into some of our favourite designers with signature styles that influence here as Briefbox. So.. let’s get to it.

Studio MUTI

Studio MUTI based in Cape Town are an agency who specialise in high quality bespoke illustrations. Their style is detailed, playful and influenced from a range of different techniques that are combined into beautiful eye popping graphics. Their team produce a variety of graphics for editorial and commercial projects and here’s a few of our favourites which clearly show the talent these guys have.

Sergey Shapiro

Sergey Shapiro is the hand lettering king and provides an endless source of custom type goodness. If you’re looking for some awesome custom type inspiration check his Dribbble page out and his Instagram feed which is full to the brim of lettering creations to make your eyes pop out. His style is classy, consistent and offers a professional and smart approach to custom type design.

Kendrick Kidd

Kendrick Kidd is a designer specialising in illustration, branding, packaging and custom lettering. His shots are super popular on Dribbble and his style has become very influential over the years with many designers looking up to him to fuel their creative processes. Combining well executed, simple vector shapes, with custom lettering and awesome colour palettes are what helps his work to stand out from the crowd.

Markus Magnusson 

Markus Magnusson is my all time favourite motion designer. Combining, fun, playful graphics with some seriously talented animation techniques are what make Markus’ work so strong. His bright, playful colour palettes and mesmerising loops will keep you hooked for sure. Markus is a freelancer and works for a variety of clients, most recently he has been working with the design agency giant UENO and he also works with Dropbox from time to time. Check out some of our favourite shots by Markus here:

Tim Boelaars

Tim Boelaars from the Netherlands has a very unique style of design that stands out amongst the ever popular bright, playful UX trends that seem to be taking over Dribbble right now. He uses more muted, simple colour palettes and takes influence from simple pattern based shapes and symbols. I love his consideration of space, line weight usage and composition of his artwork. Tim has built up a solid client base as a freelance designer including The New York Times and Forbes Magazine to name a few.

Emir Ayouni

I’ve been a big fan of Emir’s work ever since I first stumbled across his illustrations a few years back. Emir uses super simple colour palettes, very often no more than 2 or 3 colours and focuses more on the illustrative details and shading using his signature linocut style for highlighting. You can tell that Emir spends alot of time on his sketching before digitalising, working out exactly which areas would be filled and which will need to use negative space to bring his pieces to life. Here’s a few of my all time favourite pieces by him.



Ramotion are one of my favourite product design and UX firms on Dribbble. Their style is clean, minimal and they know how to use colours in their projects. Their Dribbble feed is an invaluable source of inspiration and they very often show process shots, sketches and full UI kits. If you’re passionate about web, app and UX design design then look no further than Ramotion to fuel you up and get you started on your next design project.

Jay Fletcher

Jay Fletcher has a unique, vintage, American inspired style. He’s a connoisseur of nailing font combinations, making subtle tweaks and customisations of letter forms where needed. On top of that his illustration style is simple and has a considered, subtle approach that helps his designs work so well in their implementation. When it comes to branding, illustration and all round creative goodness to inspire your projects; Jay’s Fletcher is someone making serious moves in the industry.

Szende Brassai

Szende Brassai has been there for us when we’ve hit that creative block. Her colour usage is next level and you can always tell when a shot on Dribbble is by Szende. She introduces subtle patterns, textures and custom type into her work to form beautiful pieces that will clearly stand the test of time. Check out some of our favourites here:

Meg Robichaud

Last but not least.. Meg Robichaud. If you’re looking for an awesome designer with a unique, editorial and playful style that has been causing mayhem in the design scene since day one then look no further. We absolutely love how Meg creates styles and themes for her clients that not only look awesome but serve a functional purpose that the end user can relate to. Her artwork evokes emotion and that’s what helps Meg’s designs to stand out as some of the best in the business.

Anyone we’ve missed? I’m sure there is, as Dribbble is full of awesome designers. Let us know who you like to use for inspiration in the comments below!