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Info about Pro & Premium accounts

We’ve increased the price of our pro accounts from $6 to $10 per month and our premium accounts will increase from $9 to $15. Briefbox is moving into it’s 5th version and we’re constantly working away in the background to improve the Briefbox service.

IMPORTANT: This will not affect existing paying members! Your original price will stay the same each month

Okay, why the increase? 

2 years ago we introduced our paid accounts and in that time we’ve added an absolute ton of new features and benefits. We’ve added:

Learning paths
Saved briefs now go into your own learning path to help push your self development

We’ve curated our briefs and resources into tailor made series, across multiple categories and design disciplines to help guide you through our content

We’ve introduced badges for everything from completing content and series, rewarding self development and engaging with our community.

Resource Centre
Introducing the Resource centre with tutorials, designer interviews and industry guides

Community Engagement
We’re rewarding likes and comments to push our community to engage more with each other

Improved Submission Engine
We’ve re re-built our submission engine from scratch… no more issues uploading designs

Liked Submissions
Keep track of all your favourite submissions from other designers over at your profile page here

Improved Search
Only have a few hours for a brief? Filter out easy, intermediate or difficult briefs easily with our new search

Track your progress and engagement with our new stats widget on your profile

Release schedule
Keep track fo what’s recently been added and what’s coming up in the release schedule

Since introducing our paid accounts, we’ve never increased the prices. To date, with all the new features and support we offer, we hope that up and coming designers & illustrators can justify the change.

Tell me the good stuff? What’s new for Briefbox

We’ve got big plans for 2018, some exciting new designers will be joining our crew of mentors and we’re going to focus even more on looking after our pro and premium members wth an even more personalised service. We’re also working away on a new brand and set of guidelines that we’ll slowly be rolling out throughout 2018.

Ultimately we needed to hike the prices in order to keep offering a premium service. We’ve had to invest a lot more in our resources and mentors to make sure Briefbox stays as an effective online tool for designers and we want paying members to get the most out of it.

Finally, a big thanks and a note to our community

Since introducing our premium service with personalised feedback, we’ve been dazzled by the increase in quality of the work the community is producing. We’re super grateful to all those who have took the plunge and invested in a Briefbox paid account, and were delighted to see those people see a return of investment who put their money where their mouth is!


    Thanks for the information :) I was confused reading different prices on your FAQs section and then on the Upgrade page, but it all makes sense now!
    One question, I have subscribed for the "Briefbox for schools and education" but I haven't received any further information. I am studying a Graphic Design degree online, and I would like to see if my tutors and colleagues are interested on a membership so we can work on more current projects. Could someone give me more information? 


    OOOH ignore all my questions Vicky Lee has answered via email :) thanks guys!

    Joel Rosen (Co-founder and creator)Mentor

    N problem, yes your subscription would start today, with the 1st payment today. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks

    Please bear with me I'm really impatient to start doing premium briefs but want to start upgrade when it makes sense to do so payment-wise.

    Thanks for the fast reply Joel! So just to clarify, If I apply right now for premium, which is the 18 April 2018, would my first months fee be charged on the 1st of May? Or instead, the 18th of April? 

    Hi. It's nearly month-end and I want to upgrade from free to premium. Would i be billed immediately for a full month, or does the deduction take place at the end of the next month? OR would I be billed a full yearly fee?

    Joel Rosen (Co-founder and creator)Mentor

    Hi Dale, you are charged at the beginning of each month that you would be premium, so your first months fee comes out straight away. You can pay yearly and save 30% if you wish! We look forward to having you on board Dale and helping you out.