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Blank Emails (Gmail)


I keep getting blank emails in my Gmail inbox. I was wondering what settings I have to change to see the emails properly? I'm having no problems with the newsletter emails. It's the activation and welcome emails that have been blank. I tried to send an email to info@briefbox.me, but it bounced back.

    I'm getting this bounce back after trying to email joel@briefbox.me https://imgur.com/G4XTEuD

    Joel Rosen (Co-founder and creator)Mentor

    Hi Deborah, that's very odd. We're looking into this right away for you. Can I ask what mail client are using and what browser?

    Gmail and Firefox

    Joel Rosen (Co-founder and creator)Mentor

    Hi Deborah, we're struggling to replicate the issue on our end. I've just made sure you account is active so you have full privileges for now - if you want to get in touch you can use my personal email joel@briefbox.me for faster response. We will continue to look into this email issue and do let me know if the correct emails arrive.