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Community Showcase - Best of Briefbox - Part 2

Continuing The Community Showcase Series, we decided to start this year fresh with some new inspiration and create a new post to share some of our latest favourite submissions and designers from Briefbox. This is a great tool to promote the amazing work we see around here and give you more inspiration when working on our briefs. Here is what (and who) we’ve been looking at and liking in the studio:

Nidya Wibowo

Nidya joined Briefbox in mid 2017 and has been impressing us with her illustration skills ever since. We love her style and how she’s been exploring various illustration techniques such as watercolour on the Set of watercolour food illustrations brief. Moreover, she is using Briefbox to improve her skills on other design areas, specially UI and UX. With her Premium subscription she’s been able to get feedback for her submissions and go one step ahead when learning! By combining illustration and UI she is coming up with some amazing things, such as her submission for the Chatbot design for a messenger app brief that you can see below.


Robert Bachetto

Robert also joined us last year and started Briefbox with an amazing submission to the Food themed transfer tattoo brief. We can see this vintage cool style in some of his submissions. Our ultimate favourite is the ‘Burger Bros’, submitted to the brief Food truck branding. We like the contrast of the bright yellow and the black, and how he spent time mocking up the brand in different contexts. Being a Pro member, Robert is exploring different kinds of briefs and showing the community all his different skills!


Helen Eghweree

Helen joined us in August last year and has been posting some amazing stuff! Our favourite is one of her latest submissions to the Cafe menu design brief. We love everything about it: the colour, the layout, the illustration and the mockups. All her submissions show her great eye for editorial and layout, a very important skill for any designer to have. She also dedicates time to find and use good mockups to present her ideas, as we can see in her submission to the Film production company flyer brief. We’re looking forward to what she comes up with next!

There are many other good designs around so it is worth having a peak on our submissions gallery, especially the featured ones. And keep up the hard work so you can potentially be one of the designers showcased in the future! Take a look at our brief library and let your creativity shine in one of our many briefs. We are looking forward to seeing what you’ve got!