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Build up your portfolio and learn new skills with Briefbox!

Getting started in the industry or just learning new skills can be a daunting process, as can finding the right place to connect with fellow creatives to assist in your development. 

Introducing Briefbox, a powerful online learning tool packed full of fun practice briefs, resources, tutorials and articles to help you improve your design skills and build up your portfolio. Briefbox offer fresh and inspiring content weekly, curated by a dedicated team of professional design mentors from around the globe, each with extensive experience in the industry.

Briefbox is now a growing design community of over 25k members.

Scott Monument by Valeria Mele
Submitted to: Iconic Landmark Illustration

So is Briefbox right for me?

If you’re in-between work, can’t afford an expensive design education or just looking for inspiring practice projects to keep your skills up-to-date, then Briefbox is ideal for you.

  • Work on your design skills: The Briefbox Library, of over 200 practice briefs, covers all design specialities including UI, Illustration, Typography, Iconography, Print & Layout, Web and Branding. You can easily filter practice projects by difficulty and speciality. Head to the Briefs
  • Prepare for the design industry: The resource centre is crammed full of helpful guides, tutorials and designer reviews. Everything from ‘How to charge clients’ to ‘How to create bespoke illustrations’ is covered here. Head to the Resource Centre
  • Earn achievement badges and work through structured paths of content: If you want to build up your skills in a specific discipline of design and need some motivation to do so, then the Briefbox ‘Series’ are here to help. Each Series begins with a designer review which clearly highlights what makes designer’s projects successful, followed by hand-picked briefs and tutorials. Check out our Series
  • Submit your work for feedback: Within each practice brief you can submit your design, which will also add your design to the submissions page for the community to like or comment on. Head to the Submissions page

Sleep Tracker App by Oliver Gomez
Submitted to: Quick Fire: Sleep Cycle App

What sets Briefbox apart from other learning tools?

Briefbox is the first and only educational tool based purely around real client briefs that agencies and freelancers complete on a daily basis. Often, in the professional world, these tasks are demanding and require a fast turnaround, and that’s where designing with Briefbox differs from spending years at college or university; it’s quick learning in a realistic environment.

Peep Sunglasses by Alex Griffin
Submitted to: Peep Sunglasses