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Weather icons for surfer app

Completion time: 1 day

Project overview:

A marine organisation is in the process of creating an app to alert surfers about weather and tidal conditions. They want to make it appealing and fun to use, whilst building awareness about safe conduct in the water.

They are in the early stages of the brand identity and are looking to create a series of awesome icons to illustrate the different types of surf and weather conditions. They would like you to consider icons for wind direction, tidal information, swell, water temperature and general weather conditions. Think about the different elements you would like to use and aim to make it intuitive, fun and engaging.

To start with concentrate on a key style guide, choosing some striking brand colours and a set illustrative style. Research the types of weather and waves listed above and have a play! Remember, these designs will need to be created as vectors, which will allow the client to use them at different scales across various branding materials they will want to use in the future. Keep the designs nice and clean and have fun with it!

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