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Visual identity for painter and decorator

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Project overview:

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53 Submissions to this brief

Darrell Morton
Andria Bates PREMIUM
LM lachlan mcgrath PREMIUM
Eliz Underhill
Kate Edwards PREMIUM
Kimi Mischke
Kimi Mischke
Kate Edwards PREMIUM
Eliz Underhill
Kimi Mischke
Eliz Underhill
Matt Hartley PREMIUM
Alisha Henry PREMIUM
MV Matthew Vermeulen
Adam Cottam
Matt Bradshaw
Joanna Meachum
Briaanna Chiu
Ben Hicken
Jade Hamilton
AT Abby Trigg
Matt Wildbore
SE Scott Elliott
JH James Higgins
Joseph Morcom
Karenza Brigham
Emma Colleen
Sophie Osborne
EW Emily Wang
Jacob Lovell
FC Faye Chapman
Matt Kilcullen
Destinee Duncan
RF Rosie Frampton
Hannah Crain
Bri Santoro
KJ Kate Jackson
ZB Zoe Bonham
Simon Barnes
Alanna Palmer PREMIUM
LD Lauren Davis
Brian Jangima
Anouk Allen-Mills
Rowan Collins
Rowan Collins
Nick Wijmenga
AI Aimee

Ask a question & discuss the brief:

    i'm a little confused about the brief.
    "She would like to see five variations of the logo lettering and a business card layout - both front and back".
    dose this mean 5 different logos and card layouts (front and back) or dose this mean one logo but on 5 different layout ideas?
    i'm under the imprecation that they are supposed to be 5 different logo ideas each on their own layout design that she can pic one from?