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Quick Fire: Website to promote men's mental health

Completion time: 2-4hrs

Project overview:

Quick Fire #19: To encourage more men to speak up about their mental health we’d like you to design a website homepage on the matter. The homepage will need to encourage men to be brave and talk about the problems they’re facing. Keep it friendly, warm and honest and think about the ways in which a person could get in touch to talk about their issues.

Remember to only spend 2-4hrs on this brief!

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Our approach

Hey Man concept by Jess Caddick

Hey Man by Jess Caddick

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MG Mayur Gharat
CH Chief
Briana Wickham
Catalina Pancos
AB Alyssa Bridson
Bonga Mayisela
Mirra Voit
NC Natalie Clesi
Steven Jefferson
AF Alice Fredblad
SG Sarolta Gnaj
SG Sarolta Gnaj
SG Sarolta Gnaj
Goncalo Duarte
Noy Adven
Kimi Nakanishi
RA Rowena AuYeung
Vasudha Sudheendra
Tamarra Bonnici
Tamarra Bonnici
Jason Chase
KB kelsey barker
ES Emma Sparks
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KF kyle france
Jeanine Schoessler
LS Luke Stewart PRO
FS Fady Sourial
Sema Seker
Daniel Winning
JN Jasmine Nicol
IL Ivan Rickard Liow
RM Ritwik Nandi Mazumder
EP Ellie Preston
LB Laura Backman
JD Joseph Draper
SD Shaun Dickens
Rishabh Singh
Jess Caddick Mentor

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