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Quick Fire: Plant care app

Completion time: 2-4hrs

Project overview:

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BT Bethany Thompson PRO
BT Bethany Thompson PRO
BT Bethany Thompson PRO
Shahad Qari PRO
Carolina Niglio
John Citizen PREMIUM
Sara Mahar
VJ Vaishnavi Jegadeesan
CH Charles Hooren PREMIUM
Callum Cussen PRO
Kellie Kowalski PRO
JB Jasmine Black
Alissa Greene
Estaire Alberti
TR Tenisha Rawlins
Briana Griffin
IB Isabel Bo-Linn
Rachael McKenzie
Helen Eghweree PRO
JO Johnny
MV Mark Vogelaar
Lia S.
MK Martyna Kalinska
Stephen Simkin
KK Katherine Klauber
Tabatha Alcina
Kim Chapman
AP Alicia Palmar
Ellen OLeary
TS Tayla Smith
JS Jimmy Spikings
BN Binaka Norris
Keir McDowall
RW Ryan Whitaker
Danielle Wilde
Darcey Beau
Matt Campbell
SN sally naisby
Madison Hatcher
LL Luly li
Jess Caddick Mentor

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