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Quick Fire: Cooking classes directory app

Completion time: 2-4hrs

Project overview:

Quick Fire #20: This startup company was started as the owner saw a need to help refugees integrate into the community, as so many are very isolated. After working with so many refugees the owner realised that most people had a real passion for food so this series of classes was born. They need your help designing an app directory for all the classes that are being held over the next few months. Include information about the person hosting the class, what dishes they’ll be teaching and another screen for information on their home country.

Remember to only spend 2-4hrs on this brief!

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Our approach

Concept by Jess Caddick

Refugee Kitchen app by Jess Caddick

Refugee Kitchen app by Jess Caddick

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KC Kat Clave
MA Madeleine
MB Makyia Bonner
Toni Ross
AT Anastasia Theodoropoulou
OS Ollie Sams
OS Ollie Sams
SS Simon Sullivan
SB Salma Bassiouny
DA Dan
Sian Thorpe PRO
Darrell Leftenant
KA Katty
NS Natalia Sergeeva
NS Natalia Sergeeva
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Jared Howell
Lucille Venning
Si Mann
CO Cesar Ornelas
CO cordell
RA Rana Adel
LO Louise
LO Louise
Aidarous Sheikh
AK Anders Kristensen

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