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Quick Fire: Adventure Club

Completion time: 2-4hrs

Project overview:

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31 Submissions to this brief

Anthony Afairo Nze PRO
EK Edita Knowler PREMIUM
Sara Mahar
Jonathan Mendoza
Elle Cosgrave
uriel correa
Lewis Morgan
Mel Di Pietro
Rico Smith
JC Jessica Cheeseman
Kellie Kowalski PRO
Kim Chapman
Kassie Green
CS Colton Slesser
AP Andrea Paglia
AB Alyssa Bielawa
AP Alicia Palmar
Jonathan Mifsud
SA samuel
Christian Denehy
GP Gabriella Passerello
KK Katherine Klauber
JP Jeffrey Price
Genevieve Lamb
Sydne Leavitt
Bretislav Stejskal
Maryse van Dalen
Matt Campbell
Jess Caddick Mentor

Ask a question & discuss the brief:

    Vicki Lee (Community Support)Mentor

    Hi Kimberley,

    We've only recently changed the timelines for Quick Fire briefs. Once the brief is posted it will stay live for Free users for approximately 4 weeks until the next Quick Fire is posted. They will then rotate so the previous brief becomes Pro and the newest one will be Free.

    Sorry you missed out on this one.



    When I first saved  this brief to do about a week or two ago, it was listed as a Free brief (I even wrote down the information from the page!) but now it seems to have been changed to a Pro brief; I now can't access the information or submit anything.

    This is a bit frustrating when you've already done the work for it. Is there a time limit on how long a brief stays free before it turns to Pro?