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Personal branding project

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Project overview:

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53 Submissions to this brief

Octavia Thorns PRO
Elizabeth Pierce
EB Emma Biggins
VP vinny Patankar
VP vinny Patankar
Carly Kasner PREMIUM
Ashton Lenae
Eloise Nicholson PREMIUM
SL Stacie Long
MM Mandy Mitton
ashley broekhuis
AH Abigail Harrell
Darian Evyn PREMIUM
Charmaine Hartmann
Jessica Assis
Alexis Tarwater PREMIUM
Carly Russell
stephen kilgore
Cady Smith
rakkamon s PREMIUM
rakkamon s PREMIUM
Alisha Henry PREMIUM
adela locsin
Alexandra Waller
Flavia Mayer PREMIUM
DD Duncan Djillali
JL jake lockley
CY Charlotte Yates
CY Charlotte Yates
CY Charlotte Yates
Lewis Allum
Emma Colleen
Anmol Rai
Chloe Fields
NO nosy
Audrey Hutchins
DJ Darnell Jackson
DJ Darnell Jackson
Lawrence Cameron
LD Lauren Davis
TF Thomas Fitzpatrick
Nicolle Elizabeth
adam derbyshire
OF Oliver Flynn
Jessie Joyce
Darcy McDonald
chloe mayo
NA Natalie
Brian Jangima

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