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MV Mark Vogelaar

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    How do I submit my work to a brief? I've looked everywhere and it just doesn't let me. At first I thought I had to purchase PRO so I did... And it still won't let me submit anywhere.... Money grab?

    Joel Rosen (Co-founder and creator)Mentor

    Hi Adam, apologies if you had hassle uploading your submissions! We've just the brand new Briefbox with a new uploading engine so you should now be able to? Let me know ho you get on.

    Is this comment section visible to the public or for my eyes only? Thanks! :)

    Joel Rosen (Co-founder and creator)Mentor

    Hi Mark, comments below briefs are public. Would you like some assistance on this brief? We can see your a pro so if you'd like a hand on this brief or have any questions shoot me email and we'll be happy to help - joel@briefbox.me