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Logo for a vegan take away company

Completion time: 5 days

Project overview:

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56 Submissions to this brief

PS Prathamesh Shukla
Rhia Thomas PREMIUM
Aubrey Tyson
Ryan Prudhomme Mentor
Callum Cussen PREMIUM
Mike Evans PREMIUM
LH Lauren Haig
VM Verde Madera PRO
SA stephanie amer
JB jaden broadnax
Ben Pinkney
CC Cassie Creates
Kyle Czop
Kimberly Fisichella
Kayleigh Martin
MS Matt Simon
Cull and Nguyen
Alexandra Lawless
KG Kayla Garrett
Corneilous Phillips
HL Hyreizl Love
Staci Marajh
FJ Forrest Jablonski
KM Kelly Mohr
Rock Vincent Guitard
JB Jasmine Black
Rebecca Miller
max bizley
max bizley
TN Tam Nguyen
Manraj Ubhi
Amber Cunningham
PB Pisces Bkaye
CT Carl Tomaino
SR Sophia Rush
FI Filza
Kaylin Metchie
Ilona Puska
LT Linn Tordestam
Rachel Digby
Ilona Puska
CM Claire Morgan
CM Claire Morgan
CM Claire Morgan
JD jono delaney
JD jono delaney
JD jono delaney
Millicent Jenkins
Millicent Jenkins
Adam Cottam
CR cristinekdesign

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