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Recipe card for Make a Mark

Completion time: 1-2 days

Project overview:

We’ve got a fantastic brief for you from our friends over at Make a Mark.

Make a Mark offer a variety of workshops and challenges to assist not-for-profit organisations and general humanitarian projects with their brand and marketing needs.

They’ve just released a new Global Awareness Challenge to help combat food insecurity – read this article to start off and find out more details about the cause.

Food insecurity is defined as a lack of access to food that contributes to a healthy lifestyle. In most cases low income houses aren’t receiving the proper nutrients to live a healthy, active lifestyle that then impacts their bodies and minds.

People don’t want to eat what they are unfamiliar with, which can often result in a cycle of consuming junk food. The lack of familiarity, even if the produce is free, causes confusion and lack of adoption amongst the hungry.
As a way of helping to introduce young people, as well as parents cooking for their children, to affordable and healthy food items, we’d like you to create a recipe card using food icons that can be distributed in either print or an online format. As people may not know what some ingredients are, it should have clear icons which represent each ingredient with some easy to follow cooking instructions. The recipes should contain no more than 5 easily accessible healthy ingredients – keep it simple!

Live submissions have now closed for entry with Make a Mark but you can still submit your designs to Briefbox.

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Deliverables required

  • 1 recipe card
  • Remember if multiple deliverables are required you can add attachments to your submissions when you have completed the brief.

Timescales and deadlines

If you want to spend some more time on this brief use two days to create more illustrative icons.

Our approach

Our approach with a one pot chicken and chickpea pilau recipe card

100 Submissions to this brief

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BH Brianne Hadley
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MN mnna
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BJ Brigid Jerotich
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Flavia Mayer Mentor

Ask a question & discuss the brief:

    I've just read through the brief, and the last date to submit work to Make a Mark says the 17th July, but their site says 17th August. Which date is correct?