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Iconic landmark illustration

Completion time: 3 days

Project overview:

Today we want you to design an iconic landmark of some sort. This is a great opportunity to practice your illustration skills and maybe explore with a style that you’re not very familiar with. To add a further challenge to the brief, we want the final piece to use no more then 4 colours. You’ll find this can happen quite often in real design briefs as printing can be so costly that many clients will request that you keep the amount of colour down to reduce pointing costs.

First thing’s first, choose your landmark. Do some research of iconic landmarks across the globe and pick one that particularly resonates with you. It could be a landmark that you’ve visited or seen in real life, or it could be one you’ve always wanted to visit.

Once you have decided which landmark you are going to illustrate, now it’s time to choose the style you want to illustrate it in. Do you want your final piece to be abstract or realistic? Do you want it to be monochrome, two-tone or using the full 4 colours? Do you want it to be a line drawing or a geometrical piece? The choice is yours. Experiment with different styles and techniques in your initial sketching stages and home in on a style that you feel works well for that particular landmark.

Once you have finalised your sketch, it’s time to digitalise. Choose the method you want to digitalise your drawing but remember, it has to be finished in only 4 colours!
Perhaps finish your piece with the name of the landmark. These can make great postcards or posters so take your time, you may want to get some of printed and give them out as gifts to friends and family?

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Deliverables required

  • A final logo crest in full colour
  • A black and white version of the logo
  • A mock-up of how this brand would work on packaging
  • A simplified mark for web and social media
  • Remember if multiple deliverables are required you can add attachments to your submissions when you have completed the brief.

Timescales and deadlines

This brief should take you around 3 days. That’s a day research and sketching, a day refining and a day finalising and creating the addition deliverables.

Our approach

We went for a quirky line-art style for this brief, using two shades of red and a shade of grey to stay within the 4 colour boundary. Remember you can still use white!


We had fun creating the quirky clouds, they work well with the simple lines which represent the movement in the water. We included the title in ours, fell free to do this too.

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Bretislav Stejskal
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Ask a question & discuss the brief:

    James Ewin (Co-founder)PREMIUM

    Great question Mark. The answer is 4 spot colours. Thanks!

    When we say this piece is 4-color, do we mean 4 spot colors or 4-color process?