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Food themed transfer tattoo

Completion time: 2 days

Project overview:

‘Tatties’ specialise in temporary tattoos. They are looking for a new food-based design or set of designs to add to the ‘Food’ category on their online shop. Their transfer tattoos appeal to a wide audience of people, from young children who want to have fun with temporary tattoos to middle-aged women using them for parties and others events.

Use the inspiration images to get a feel for the style of designs that have been successful in the past, and then begin playing with your ideas. Using food as the theme, come up with two or three quirky designs that would work well as temporary tattoos: Use quotations, realistic pictures of food, or perhaps more cartoon-like images.

The nature of temporary tattoos is fun and playful, and the client is looking for something that reflects this; think bold colours and shaping. Try to work some humour in there!

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