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Rebrand of a boutique Florist

Completion time: 7 days

Project overview:

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64 Submissions to this brief

Kassie Green PRO
Alison Johnston
MK Manu Karel
Callum Cussen PRO
TN Tam Nguyen PRO
Liam Reese
Natalie Taylor-Benn
Leila Howell PRO
Marie Lindberg PREMIUM
Nicole Anderson
Connie Hwang
Jade Hamilton
EP Elizabeth Pierce
EP Elizabeth Pierce
Kiarra Julien
Matthew Vermeulen
AS Andrija Sala
Kimi Mischke
Lynne Geary
Lynne Geary
ED Eric Donnelly
JM Jude McLean
Emily Smith
Xavier Hubbard
Adam Cottam
BP Billy Plante
Laura Robinson
CF Chloe Fallon
Gideon Evenhouse
JL jake lockley
AL Amber Layton
Heloisa Tavares Bebik
AM Alyssa Martin
JM Jennifer McAlone
Made That Design
brandy martin
MT Mike Truong
Eva Gale
Emma Colleen
Kimchi Lee
RW Rachel Wilks
Anke Weyers
Destinee Duncan
AY Alex Yip
AL Abigail ludden
AS Amy Swinimer
Eva D
Mitchell Palmer
TA taarynb
AF Alice Franks-Herbert
TJ Tenzin Jashar
JO josefin
TB Tre Blas
Temi Designs
AS Amar Singha
EL Elijah De Luna
Darcy McDonald
GM Gabbi Manfredi
GM Gabbi Manfredi
jay h

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