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Festival brand identity

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Project overview:

‘Escape’ is an exciting new Festival based in the Somerset hills, UK. The festival is looking for a modern brand identity to help generate interest in the build up to their launch in late summer. To start with, the client is looking to have a new logo and set of icons they could use in the initial marketing materials for the festival. The client is hoping to attract young professionals and families and will also host a series of events encouraging people to get outdoors.

The theme of the festival is adventure and the great outdoors. This should be reflected in the logo and initial stages of the brand identity. They would like a set of 4 custom illustrated icons that represent: music, food, culture and camping.

Take some time mood boarding some of the most exciting, up-and-coming festival identities of this season. Choose a style and go for it! Pick out some key, eye-popping bold colours that you love and think could work well as a brand identity as a whole. Note, that the client is looking to have a strong, modern identity which stands out from the crowd.

Create your logo and icons as vector graphics as the designs will be used across poster designs, business cards and billboards at various sizes. This will allow the client to use them at any scale, across different documents without making the images pixelated. Consider popping the logo & icons into a presentation document to show to the client.


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