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Custom luggage tag designs

Completion time: 2 days

Project overview:

For this personal project, choose a few destinations that either mean alot to you or have some level of importance in your life and create a collection of custom luggage tag designs based around this theme. Taking a quick look at the inspiration shots we’ve included will give you guidance as the type of thing you could create. Here’s a few essential things to think about when getting started on this personal project brief:

There’s a lot of luggage tag designs out there, having a quick search on dribbble for example shows how sometimes these can start to look quite similar. Try to think of ways you can make your designs stand out, wether it’s by including custom illustrations, a unique pattern or another graphical element which will make yours unique

We’ve suggested you use a few destinations that mean alot to you, but.. you could think outside the box and push this even further. For example check out these Star Wars themed luggage tags by Ronald Ferree. We love the nod to this classic pop-culture phenomenon. Or.. you could just give your own city some love and put together a mini set based around one place which is what we did for concept – see our approach below.

We can’t stress enough how the way you present your final artwork is just as important as the design itself. Think space and padding and complimentary background colours over obviously make mock-ups and heavy, tacky background scenarios! Taking a subtle, minimal approach to laying these out is the key here.

Good luck, from Team Briefbox 🙂

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Deliverables required

  • At least 2 bespoke luggage tag designs
  • A description of your approach
  • Any sketches or initial ideas that didn't make the cut!
  • Remember if multiple deliverables are required you can add attachments to your submissions when you have completed the brief.

Timescales and deadlines

We think around 2 days should be enough time to complete these luggage tags. If you need to spend longer or want to bulk out this project, feel free to do so!

Our approach

Our Founder and Mentor’s inspiration for his this set was his home town of Bristol, UK. Using a few landmarks and some cheerful, eye catching pattern work he put together a lovely set to give you guys some inspiration!

BRS luggage tags by Joel Rosen


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VV Vasilka Velichkova
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