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Personal typographic signature

Completion time: 5 hours

Project overview:

Today we’re going to look at creating a quick email signature to add a little professionalism to your emails. As a designer, you should use every opportunity to show off your skills. Emails and letters that you send out should reflect your skills as a designer and show that you mean business!

Today we want you to create a stylised, typographic signature of your name. It can be just your first name, your initials or a combination of both… your choice. The finished product doesn’t necessarily have to look like a signature per say, it can be more advanced than that, this is a great opportunity to show off your lettering skills.

Start, as always, by searching for some great typographic inspiration (Check out the useful links sections below to get you started). Think about the style you want to achieve, do you want your signature to be rough and ready, in a script style, or in more refined serif or sans serif letter forms? Your decision. Once you have an idea start sketching out some concepts. These can be quick, rough ideas at first, we can refine them later on.

What I do at this stage is pick one or two of my preferred sketches, scan them into the computer and then print them off at a larger scale. From here I trace the original sketch using thin layout paper, making slight improvements to the letter forms as I go. You can repeat this process again and again until you’re happy with it. Don’t rush straight on to the computer, it will take more time in the long run.

Once I’m happy with the refined lettering, I will once again scan this into the computer and then begin digitalising it using the pen tool. Try and use only horizontal and vertical bezier curves to keep the angles consistent. The awesome guys over at the AGSC created a great tutorial for this technique. Check it out here

Once you have you digitalised letter forms you can play around with colour and texture until you have your final piece. This is a great little asset to add to letters, emails, bios, portfolios and resumes. Don’t forget to upload your submissions for feedback from myself and the rest of the community!

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Deliverables required

  • Your final signature
  • Your signature laid out as an email footer
  • Colour variations of your signature
  • Versions saved down in all file formats for print and web
  • Remember if multiple deliverables are required you can add attachments to your submissions when you have completed the brief.

Timescales and deadlines

This should be a quick fun brief. I’ve set the timescale as 5 hours. Do your best to stay within this time constraint as it will help to improve your design discipline.

Our approach

I went for simple script style lettering for my signature and finished it in plain black so it will work on multiple coloured backgrounds. I wanted it to look as though it had been quickly written in brush pen (which it was initially). I then tweaked certain parts of the letters to make the width variations look more consistent throughout.

177 Submissions to this brief

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