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Illustrative letterform

Completion time: 3 days

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Anthony Afairo Nze PRO
PK pooja kumar
Alisha Green
CP Cath P
Valerie Villa PREMIUM
BB Brandon Beauchamp
Rico Smith
DB Dan Belcher
Jamie Shaw
RH Reece Hagley
DB Dan Belcher
Lolette Rouge
Valerie Villa PREMIUM
Darren Pollock
Peter Ahern
SC Serra C
EM Emily M
RH Ryan Hopkins
Joao Oliva
LA Lloyd Arlotte
Aaron Guenther
Aaron Guenther
Jade Hamilton
EM Emily
Charmaine Hartmann
MH Maria Holmes
SB Shan Boiv
Charmaine Hartmann
Matthew Cooper
Jack Taheny
Joao Oliva
JC Jack Chandler
Ricky Chun
VT Vinh Tran
Leo Caparelli
Rick Jones
EC Elliott Chappell
GD Gretchen Deahl
JG Jaysen Good
Nicole Hatter
Abbie Lowe
Nadia Shipley
In?s Beldi
TP Tiffany Pascal
Chloe Chapman
NY Nalee Yang
Leah West

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    Having trouble uploading my image for submission, tried it as a JPEG and PNG plus the file size is over 800x800px, any ideas?