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Branding for Peep sunglasses

Completion time: 2 days

Project overview:

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38 Submissions to this brief

Joshua Szanyi PREMIUM
Blake Gedye PRO
Natalie Gollop PREMIUM
RW Rachael Williamson PRO
CS Cara Simms PRO
Ellie Moreing PREMIUM
MM Mutsa Munyaradzi PREMIUM
NA natalie Abernethy PRO
IT Isaiah Tan
Robert Bacchetto PRO
Adam David Smith PREMIUM
LG Laura Gilbert
JL Jane Lo
Laura Martins PRO
Nicole Anderson
Alisha Klawitter PRO
CW Craig Wolpe
Cynthia Tran Vo
PK pooja kumar PREMIUM
DG Dominique Gillham
Mister Artsy PREMIUM
BT Betina Todorova
SC Sophie c
Estaire Alberti
KC Konna Clark
Elle Cosgrave PRO
Harry Moses
Florence Tuscano
Maddy Retallick
Matt Welsh
Sheryl Banares PRO
AG Alex Griffin PRO
Ben Parker PREMIUM
uriel correa
Luke Stewart
Tabitha Stead

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