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App for a local supplier's veggie box scheme

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Project overview:

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36 Submissions to this brief

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Jessica Colon
Simply K
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Ask a question & discuss the brief:

    Just asking, but is it a little weird to include meat and dairy to an app so heavily dedicated to produce? As a user, I wouldn't expect to see those 2 categories in something called 'Veg Box'.

    great work everyone keep it up.

    Can we include a page for local suppliers to register themselves and show case their content from their farms? Also, if users want to order from a previous shopping cart, should we provide an option for that?

    "... and allows the consumer to purchase them in one easy 'Veg Box'." So, would this be kind of like one of those subscription boxes where stuff is pre-selected for you each month? Or perhaps there's a couple of different veg boxes available (perhaps changing monthly or biweekly) to choose from. Is this up to me?

    For my project I basically created all the graphics in Illustrator and put everything together in Photoshop

    Since I'm kinda new in the UI/UX field, what tools should I use to create these kinds of projects? Thank you in advance :)

    Joao, I also used Illustrator for most design elements, but put it together in InDesign.
    Hope this helps!

    Looking forward to do this project ;-)