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Briefbox Hidden Gems - 1st Edition

Have you spent more time looking for a good film on Netflix than actually watching one? Browsing through our library of briefs can have a similar effect with so many briefs to choose from. But look no further!

We’ve made a special selection of five briefs that are amazing – and haven’t received many submissions. So if you fancy doing something slightly different and getting a new, unique piece for your portfolio, check this list out:

Favourite places illustration brief

Favourite places illustration brief

Want to have some fun with illustration? This is the brief for you. You have to illustrate your favourite place in the world. The possibilities are endless: you can choose a style, you can choose a place (it could be your city, it could be your bed). It’s a great one to practice your illustration skills, specifically scene creation. If you want to make even more of it, you can make it into a series!

Infographic about the creative industry

Infographic all about the creative industry

This is a great one to improve your icon and illustrations skills. The brief asks you to create an infographic about the creative industry. You can choose the content, so why not make it into a promotional piece you can use for yourself? It could be a one-off job, or it could be part of your brand. You decide!

Design advert / Homepage banner

Design advert / homepage banner

If icons are not exactly your forte, this is another great brief to use as a way of creating a promotional piece for yourself. This brief suggests you create four banners to demonstrate your design skills but if you only have time to make one, don’t worry! The most important thing is to create a piece that you can use in your portfolio to promote your work. Why not make the most of it and tie it to the Personal Portfolio Website brief?

Bags and cases startup brief

Bag and cases startup

Looking for a cool, extensive brief to create a complete case study? This one covers branding and editorial in one, asking you to create a logo and a four-page brochure for an iPad, iPhone and MacBook Pro cases start-up. Go all in to create a full brand, using a fun and modern look & feel. It will make a great portfolio piece!

3D typography project

3D typography project

If you fancy getting creative and taking your eyes off the computer for a little bit, this is the brief to go for. The brief requests you create some type by photographing physical objects. Get out of your comfort zone and create something completely different! But if you want to use a 3D software instead, no one will stop you.

Hopefully, this will give you some ideas to get started! If you submit to one of these briefs, let us know in the comments below!