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Visual Identity for painter and decorator.

by lachlan mcgrath
/ Posted: 10 months ago

4 attachments

Visual Identity for painter and decorator. I think my chosen design would be the first, as it is clean, simple and it stands out.

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  1. Hey Lachlan! Great to see your first submission to Briefbox as a Pro user. I hope that you're enjoying your time here so far.

    Loving the modern patterns that you've worked onto each the business cards here. The look and feel is very fresh, professional and on trend. The variations on the patterns here are really smart, nice work! At the start of any design process with a real life client, it's always good to show a few options for them to choose from.

    You're at a good stage now to really push one concept forward. Pick the one that you like the most, and start working up the pattern and brand into other stationery items such as letterheads, envelopes etc/ This is a good exercise in how to keep your chosen branding consistent across further materials. Remember to keep it nice and simple and refer to the brief if you get stuck.

    I would also suggest looking into your text layout, I feel that the telephone no. could be spaced out a little more on the page. And if you also have any develop sketches at hand, be sure to upload them so the brief box community can benefit from seeing the initial stages of your work!

    All in all Lachlan, this is a brilliant first submission. Keep it going! And remember if you do choose to upload your work, make sure that you submit it as a separate submission! Looking forward to seeing the next steps.

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