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Visual Identity for Alison Bow

by Kate Edwards
/ Posted: 11 months ago

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I have evolved my original design to use alternative colours and to use a gold embossed font in a metallic finish which would be carried through

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3 responses

  1. Hey Kate! Great to see your second submission here to our visual identity brief.

    It's great to see this design really develop to the next stages and also considering an alternative colour palette.

    I've taken a look at your website, with portraiture and surface pattern design and think that your skills in poster design could be a great addition to your portfolio here!

    I'm glad that you've explored how to better integrate the text with the main pattern design. It's also really useful to see how this design could work across the new mock ups here. Great work Kate!

    I would suggest testing out a less italic font to use across the pattern design, as I feel that it's getting a little lost amongst the design here. I think that you could also have a play with scale with the text and pattern across the different elements to have a little more variation here.

    All in all, great work Kate. If you just make these few tweaks that I've suggested, this will be a strong piece for you to use within your design portfolio. We're looking forwards to seeing further submissions from you here! And remember, if you do choose to work on this brief please upload your revisions as a new project so we and the brief box community can review your lovely artwork.

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