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by Rick Jones
/ Posted: 1 year ago

5 attachments

My entry for the type fight letter illustration - See the time-lapse and video on my instagram @rickillustration.

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3 responses

  1. Rick, this is fantastic. Good to have on board here as a PRO and this as a first submisison is very impressive! We're super excited to see more of your submisisons over the next few months.

    I've just check out your portoflio too and can see your obviously a very talented illustrator. We we're just saying here in the studio it would be awesome to see any original sketches you had for this piece submitted as an attachment to the design? Apart form that it's spot on and really does work for the brief as you have completely bought your own style and technique into the design.

    Potentially, something you could do to benefit your overall graphic / layout design is work on some briefs that help you to push others areas of design rather than just illustration, which is obviously something you are already very talented at!

    Obviously, it's upto you and depends what kind of deisgn or illustration you want to specialise in. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for some more of your submisisons and happy to help where i can. Keep up the good work Rick!


  2. Hi Joel

    Thanks for the feedback, I have the time-lapse of the process on my instagram. As it is a video I can not upload to the site. Additional I had to upload the project again with all of progress stills, as i could not edit that project to add the extra content.

    Kind Regards

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