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Torre de Belém_02

by Joao Oliva
/ Posted: 12 months ago

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I chose this landmark, not only because it is from my home country, but also because i identify myself, in a certain way, with the contrasts between the rough, sharp shapes of the main structure and the curves of the watchtowers, or, as we say, the "guaritas".

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2 responses

  1. Hey Joao,

    Thanks for uploading your revised design after Gill's feedback. It really shows where you've taken on Gill's advice and I think it's really benefitted your design. The extra detail in the brickwork and the clouds and water are a definite improvement.

    The general composition is working really well and I like how you've included the title to the piece. I'm still finding the green a little harsh in comparison to the rest of the colour palette, maybe it could be darkened slightly as the online of an illustration naturally works best when it's the darkest colour in the whole piece. The green is great though, so perhaps it can be added elsewhere?

    Other then that, it's looking great Joao, we're really impressed with how you digested the feedback and integrated it into your new design. This is exactly how the process would work in the professional world, and if I was the client, I would be very happy with the results. Great work.

  2. Thank you very much for the feedback. I am now making the final changes and I will upload it asap together with the deliverables.

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