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Torre de Belém (Lisboa, Portugal)

by Joao Oliva
/ Posted: 1 year ago

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First submission of this illustration of one of the most known portuguese landmarks.

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  1. Hey Joao!

    Great to have you on board as a Pro at Briefbox and to see your first submission! Nice work!!!

    Looking at the iconic landmark, we like the simplistic style that you've gone for here. Could you tell us a bit more information about the landmark and your approach to the brief?

    Overall, we love the modern colours and clean aesthetic. Though, I think the design could be improved by adding in a few more details in here. You could look into adding some extra shadows and textures to the illustration. This will really help to push the illustration to the next level!

    I think you could also add in some more interest to the overall design by adding in a few extra elements such as clouds in the sky and some extra waves in the water. I think this will really help to balance the overall composition. It would also be nice to see the design, more centralised on the page. Also, the sun could be made a little brighter.

    Keep working at it! With a few changes here, this illustration is going to look awesome. Overall, we love the start of this design and we're looking forwards to seeing the next stages. Remember if you do chose to work on this design please to upload it as a separate submission so we can check out your progress!

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