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The Latvian Tea Suppliers - White Teas Poster

by Chris Go
/ Posted: 4 months ago

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The Latvian Tea Suppliers - White Teas Poster - I tried for a vintage, watercolor feel, weathered with age, yet evocative of the tea's lush origins.

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3 responses

  1. Wow, this is very different Chris from your other artwork and looks like your attempting lots of different design styles! Great work. Can you show us your sketches or workings out for this piece? Would lvoe to see the process you worked through to get to this finsihed piece!


  2. I appreciate your comments, Joel. I think it's important, as a designer, to stretch my skills. While I may have a "signature style", the more capable I am, in more ways, the more likely I am to be able to work effectively as an independent designer. I drink a fair amount of tea and approaching the brief like this was inspired by some of the boxes in my cabinet. Some of them are slick and really modern, others seem to want to hearken back to an earlier time. I looked at a lot of designs, including vintage ones. Yes, I will post the sketches.

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