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by Joshua Lennon
/ Posted: 12 months ago

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Hi guys. Here is my attempt at this brief. I chose the earthly dark green, almost Mayan temple esque colour to reference the almost complete mystery surrounding the phenomenon. The colour looks strange and also mossy, relating to the earthly nature of the landmark. I chose the include the sun setting due to two influences; the first being stunning images of the sun setting behind Stonehenge present on the internet sentimentally connecting the two things together, and the second frankly being some of the other submissions to this brief that have also used the image. I chose to represent the sun with a colour which, like the stonehenge's colour in my image, isn't really that accurate, however I wanted to provide a huge contrast between the mysterious, cold and dark stones and the warm, inviting and largely encompassing sun. The type was handcrafted in Illustrator. I think it is worth noting that I honestly did not spend too much time on this piece, I feel like I usually spend too much time on my designs which I fear might hugely drag me down once I move into a corporate environment, so I wanted to challenge myself here by trying to make something faster than I usually would. Thank you for viewing my design, I welcome and await any feedback, have a wonderful day.

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