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Steampunk "C"

by Chris Go
/ Posted: 8 months ago

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The letter "C" with a steampunk aesthetic.

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  1. Hey Chris!

    Thanks for your submission! Really liking the overall composition here! The way you have pulled together all the smaller elements to form one shape is working really nicely.

    Do you have an original sketch for this design? It would be great to see your initial drawings for this one, to gain an insight into where your ideas for the design have come from. I would also suggest developing the gradients a little more. As you've gone for a 3D approach to this project, I think the gradients could be worked on a bit more. This will really help to push your designs to the next level!

    As per the original brief, it would also be great to see some in-situ mock-ups in your next stage of revisions. Have a look at some different mock-ups online and experiment with how your image works on a poster format.

    All in all, just a few tweaks here, to really bring this design up to scratch!! Keep up the good work Chris! We're excited to see some more!!! And remember, if you do choose to work on this one, please save this as a separate submission, so we can see your progression.

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