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Splash page for wedding

by Nicole Anderson
/ Posted: 4 months ago

1 attachments

This is my version of a landing page for a couple's wedding. I kept in mind who might visit the website so the design is fairly simple to account for all abilities. Mobile version: [Updated 4/23]

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5 responses

  1. Nice work Nicole! The massive ampersand works really well here and the overall layout is done very well. I would love to see this put into an actual mockup on a screen and see the mobile version for this design too!

    Love the little teeny tiny icon top left, this could perhaps be used somewhere else within the design too and diamond nav anchors could perhaps be a little larger.

    Apart from that - nailed it! Just featured the design too.


  2. Awesome I'm glad you like this. You got it Joel on the additions. I can definitely make something up! I need to learn how to push myself naturally though, but stating here does not hurt at all!

  3. Hi Joel! For some reason Briefbox gives me trouble when uploading attachments when updating so here's a link to the mobile version if you get around to looking.

    Thanks for the feature... It means a lot :)


  4. Hey Nicole, I'm sorry about some of these difficulties uploading attachments. We've been working full steam ahead on a completely new re build of the site set to launch this summer. I've just taken a look at the mobile designs look great too!

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