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San Diego vintage poster

by Kaouther Akid
/ Posted: 11 months ago

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This is my interpretation of the brief. I collected some reference images about San Diego and I worked on the composition and the sketch using photoshop then used illustrator to make the poster. Finally I put some finishing touches and textures with photoshop.

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2 responses

  1. Hey Kaouther, it's great to see your first submission here as a Briefbox Pro user! I hope that you are enjoying your time here as a Briefbox Pro user.

    We love this design at Briefbox. Thanks very much for your submission! I feel like this brief is really in fitting with the vintage type and illustrations that can be seen on old travel posters. Loving the colour palette that you've used here too. Great work.

    I think in order to really bring up these designs, I see that you've added some finishing blue touches and textures on photoshop. I think that you could add a little more across the buildings to give it that 'vintage' feel that you've worked on here. It would also be good to look at the buildings and ensure that all the shadows working nicely together. I see that the blue building has the most shadow, giving it the most depth. I think that it would be worth tweaking the other buildings, to increase the shadow, to give the skyline as a whole a nice sense of depth and perspective.

    If you also have initial sketches for this brief, make sure you also upload them! It would be awesome to see your initial ideas for these designs. Over than that, super work Kaouther! We can't wait to see your next designs!!

  2. Thank you for the advice I will for sure take it in consideration .. Also, thank you for featuring my submission :D

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