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Sam's Sweet Chilli Sauce Co.

by Laura Creighton
/ Posted: 1 year ago

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I wanted to try to break away from the traditional paper label on glass model. The concept here would be that the main design would be acrylic directly applied to the glass, with a sticker over the lid of the jar.

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  1. Hey Laura!

    It’s very exciting to see your first submission to Briefbox. We’d firstly like to say a big hello and welcome to the community, as a Pro user! Your initial designs are nice and bold, which was exactly what we wanted to see from the original brief, to really stand out from the competition on the supermarket shelves. Great also to note that this works well within a range. From experience, this is super important to the client, who will want the customer to be able to immediately identify their brand. I’ve just made a few pointers on your designs below:

    It’s a super design, and we’re all really impressed here at the studio. One key point from the brief was to create a custom crest that expresses the ‘100% British’ element which I can see you have played with on the neck, however you could expand on this a little more and tie in the 100% with the typefaces below so it appears as a single element within the design. It could also be nice to explore some more bespoke, traditional, less perfect looking typefaces? Potentially letter-pressed or older fonts which will help to develop the overall look and feel of the bottles.

    Loving the fact that you’ve applied it to some awesome glass jar mock ups. These help to bring an artisanal feel to the brand. Though, to note, that the mock-ups potentially look a little flat and so I would work in a little bit of texture or very subtle shadow usage both on the labels themselves and the base of the bottles, which will help to make them look a little more full of life! With the mock ups it would be interesting to explore using a bold contrasting background colour or potential lifestyle backdrop shot. This will help the designs to really stand out and look exciting and appealing when presenting work like this to a client.

    We’re also loving the use of the main design directly applied to the glass jar. It would be awesome to develop this concept a bit more. You could explore this by looking into more botanical shapes of the chilli both the leaf and the fruit. Keeping the flat, single, colour and applying this to the actual battle packaging through debossing or other techniques available by bottle manufacturers. For a real life client, be sure to show your original sketches too! This will show the client that you’ve really considered the designs and showcase your awesome design talents in how you develop a project like this. Do you have any initial sketches for this brief? If so you could add them as some attachments to this submission for us to check out!

    All in all, really great work! I’m sure if we produced some artwork like this for some of our clients at the studio, they would be really impressed too! Thanks Laura, excited to see more!

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