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Sam's Sweet Chili Co.

by Chris Go
/ Posted: 12 months ago

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Sam's Sweet Chili Co. - Label and accompanying deliverables. I really read the brief and thought about it before beginning any actual work. I tried to achieve a design that was British in feel, boldly recognizable and incorporating the organic esthetic.

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  1. Hey Chris, you've been busy(!!) Great to see that you're enjoying the briefs here as a Pro user.

    This is one of our favourite projects that you've submitted so far. This crest really does have an iconic, traditional feel about it, which I feel has really answered the brief. Awesome work Chris.

    I love the colours that you have used. I think that these really 'pop' against the more muted background. And so, there aren't many changes that I'd recommend here aside from testing out a muted colour on the lions/ animals at the top of the crest. I think that, this change would help to make the entire crest 'flow' a bit more.

    I think that your designs are looking really strong. The only thing I would add to the mock ups would be to potentially add a little more shadow here as I feel that the glass jars are looking a little on the flat side. Other than that, looking awesome!

    And so, overall very nice work. Looking forwards to seeing further submissions from you Chris.

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