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Rice Paper Icon/Logo design

by SoulWon Cheung
/ Posted: 4 months ago

2 attachments

For this project, I want to create a modern, fun, simple icons to represent Vietnamese cuisine. I created icons/logo for Vietnamese Pho, bread, and coffee, which are their iconic food. I created these on illustrator. For the window display, I think using white color is easier on the eyes so I decided to use only white on window.

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1 response

  1. Hey SoulWon!

    Great to see your Icon/logo design version here! I'm liking the simple clean white lines that you've chosen to go for here. Nice work !

    I think in order to really push these designs forward, it would be worth adding in a few more illustrative elements. You've got the style set and the choice of the white colour, though I think you could add a little excitement here to the design, by adding a few more images of the food etc. Have a go and have a play with the design! Even a few smaller elements like grains of rice etc that were a bit looser on the page. I think this would help to add in a little more interest.

    All in all SoulWon, just a few tweaks here to really push your designs forward. Keep going with it!!! Can't wait to see your revised designs.

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