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revised allison bow logo and branding - version 2

by Kimi Mischke
/ Posted: 11 months ago

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a different way of approaching the stationery pieces

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5 responses

  1. After spending a ton of time on this, I've ended up at an impasse, with two versions that I can't decide between. I'd love some input!

  2. Hey Kimi, thanks for uploading this option here for the visual identity brief. Great to see the two designs develop.

    I think both designs are working really well. As mentioned in my previous comments, it would be useful now to test one of these designs in a separate colour option. In order to show the client a few options, as your designs are so strong, it would be lovely to include an additional colour palette.

    Keep up the good work! And if you do choose to revise this design, be sure to upload it as a separate submission. Looking forward to seeing your next design!!!

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