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Reflection Album Cover Design

by SoulWon Cheung
/ Posted: 8 months ago

1 attachments

Album cover and CD design for the Reflection.

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  1. Hey SoulWon!

    This is really awesome! Loving this design. Your use of colours and imagery is spot on. The text above your character is also well laid out on the page.

    I think this design, could benefit from being seen on a mock-up of a CD to fully realise the design. It would also be interesting to see a little more texture on the artwork. All in all, though, I don't have much to comment here to be honest as it's just looking great. If you do have any initial sketches, make sure that you upload them - as it's always useful for our design community to see your initial design process.

    All in all, very nice work SoulWon. Can't wait to see your revisions for this brief.

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