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Reflections CD Cover Design

by Matt Hartley
/ Posted: 11 months ago

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I wanted to do something playful here as the target audience would be children. My original concept was just a person stood waving from the moon but as the design developed a conductor playing a symphony in the stars came to mind. I used illustrator for pretty much everything here, a custom grid to layout and text, then objects with multiple fills and finally added some textures in photoshop.

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1 response

  1. Matt, awesome to see another submission from you!!! Great work here.
    I'm loving the playful design that you've gone for here. Also, great concept to go for the conductor as the astronaut, nice touch! I think this imaginative artwork is really appealing for children.

    I also like all the little illustrative details of the stars and asteroids. Good job. Just a few (minor) pointers to look out for here...

    My only thoughts is that the text looks a little squashed on the page. I think it would be worth exploring how the text could be amended to fit within the curvature of the planet, or reducing the text down a little to allow the 'r' and 's' to fit into the overall design. I think also, the shadow is working really nice across the earth. In order to make the design more inclusive, I would apply a little shadow on the astronaut illustration and increase the shadowing on the left-hand side of the planet.

    Other than this, it's a great job Matt! Can't wait to the next designs!

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