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Personal Icons

by Abigail Harrell
/ Posted: 7 months ago

3 attachments

These are my icons, colors, and other assets for my personal brand. For these I wanted to keep things simple, but I also wanted to make sure that everything fit my logo well.

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1 response

  1. Hey Abigail,

    Thanks for submitting your work to our custom iconography.

    I'm liking the overall. I'm really enjoying the rounded edges and simplified marks. Good work!
    Looking at your icons here, I feel that you could further develop these marks by increasing the line weight here. The icons look a little thin and I think it'd be interesting to see this slightly scaled up on the page. Other than that I think it'd be useful to explore some alternative, light colour palettes here as you could potentially be quite limited by the darker purple.

    Overall, this looking great. Keep going with it! We're looking forward to seeing your next submission here as a Briefbox Pro member!

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