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Personal Brand/Portfolio Makeover

by Carly Kasner
/ Posted: 6 months ago

4 attachments

I am in the process of reinventing my personal image as a designer. In the past my website was on a white background and used rounded letters and minimal colors of blue and purple. I have reflected deeply on this and I decided that I want my new image to reflect my interest in Japanese aesthetics and icons. Plus my interest in mini things. I also wanted my look to show I like working abstractly. My new logo is a cube version of my face. and the background is turquoise because that is my favorite color.

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2 responses

  1. Hey Carly! Awesome see your first submission here as a Briefbox Pro user. I hope that you're enjoying your time here so far.

    Great to see your initial sketches for this brief. From your submission, I'm glad that you've really considered your personal interests and have chosen to input a bit of your personality to the designs. When creating a portfolio it's really important to go for a design which represents you and your interests, so a prospective client can immediately see what you are all about.

    Just a few points to consider here, to make these designs really stand out... I would suggest further developing your colour palette here. Often people choose white as the base colour as no matter how many different projects you have on your portfolio page, they all look relatively cohesive on the page as you've chosen a neutral colour to start with. With the design it's really important to discard any clutter on the page, to make the projects speak for themselves. So I would suggest setting all of your projects images to be the same size on the page.

    All in all, this is a great start to our personal branding brief. Looking forward to seeing the next developments to this brief. Keep up the good work Carly!

  2. Hi Gill,
    Thank you very much for your feed back. I will take everything you mentioned into consideration. I am a bit of a researcher when it comes to progects I tackle so I looked at other portfolio's for possible reference/ideas. I get what your saying about the white I saw a lot of portfolios like that. It wasn't my intention to create clutter. I choose to put a background color to make a statement that there is a part of me that beats to my own drum. I do admit as I was making this, I did contemplate if the particular color I used was a bit loud but as I used the color in different places, it grew on me. That and turquoise is my favorite color. I don't want to hinder my work and or its presentation but I felt a sense a pride that I was willing to make a out of the box choice that not everyone does and maybe, make me stand out that much further because of it. Perhaps I could use a tint of a color? again I will think on it. Thanks again for your honesty.

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