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Personal Brand Icons

by vinny Patankar
/ Posted: 2 months ago

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A set of icons for my personal branding,i kept it simple and chose things which plays an important role in a designer's life.

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2 responses

  1. Vinny... you're a big fan of brown then. I must admit, brown isn't my favourite colour, I feel it's a little limiting and not the most visually appealing colour. Perhaps some brighter colours would be more suitable here, especially considering it's an icon set for a designer, and colour is a huge part of our lives! Maybe this is a good chance to show off you understanding of colour and complimentary colour combinations?

    In regard to the icons, there are some contrasting styles here, some use gradient while others don't, some use drop shadows while others don't, and some use black outline while others use block colour. I think you need to decide on an overriding style for the whole set and stick with it. It will make the whole set look more consistent.

  2. Thanks James for your review. I'll do some more research and will come up with something even better. :)

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