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Nature Wall Paper

by SoulWon Cheung
/ Posted: 9 months ago

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This is a wall paper with images of nature such as tree, the sun, mountain, leaves, plant, rock, woods, and mushroom. I drew it with a wacom tablet on photoshop, converted it to illustrator.

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  1. Hey SoulWon,

    Awesome to see your work for our Nature Wall Paper brief!

    I'm loving this design. Nice use of colour and playful images. I think this design would look fab in a children's bedroom or play area. The design is looking really smart and contemporary. Good work SoulWon!

    I think now to push this design forward, you could work on developing this design in a number of different colours to further develop your wallpaper.

    I think you could also play with the scale a little more. Consider an additional design where your icons where more organically placed across the page at different sizes. I think this will help to add in a more playful aspect to the design!

    Overall this is lovely work. Can't wait to see your next designs here as a Briefbox Pro member!

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