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Nature Letter B

by Brian Hermelijn
/ Posted: 1 year ago

2 attachments

We are always using a really technical approach to do any kind of designs. What if we try to incorporate the elements that surrounds us into our own work? You see Ryan Putnam is one of those designers that's always experimenting with new ways to do design. So what I wanted to do with this is try a really different approach that combine both the real world elements into my own work. I first gathered some nature elements from my backyard and arranged them into a letter form, which in this case is the letter B. After I arranged the letter form I wanted, I took a photograph of it, and did 3 thumbnail sketches which you can see in the attachment. After I choose the thumbnail I liked, I scanned the image in, cleaned up certain areas, fill in with colors which eventually gotten to the result shown. So the process was as follow : Gather elements > Arrange > Thumb Sketch > Chose Thumbnail > Refine > Scan > Refine > Color In > Finish I had tremendous fun with this, and will be incorporating more of this method into future designs that I do.

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2 responses

  1. Hey Brian,

    Great to have you onboard as a pro buddy and thanks so much for your first submission! We were all ready impressed here at Briefbox HQ.

    Firstly, the process you've taken to reach this result is spot on. We are trying to encourage people time and again to use their surroundings as inspiration, and to start the creative process away from the computer! Ryan Putnum is the perfect influence to begin with as he does this brilliantly, so good work there.

    We love how you gathered these twigs from your backyard to create the letterform, and then the thumbnail process which you carried out to find a concept you were happy to digitalise. The colour palette, tone and shadow work that you have used is great and really helps to bring the whole piece to life. It's a nice, soft illustrative style which I could see fitting perfectly in a story book or animation.

    Thanks for sharing your process with the community Brian, we're really looking forward to seeing more submissions from you, keep up the good work!

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